eLearning design & Development

Instructional design & development can be straight-forward and simple – for example, we have a new product, and we need to let everyone know the features & benefits. But, it can also be more complicated, with significant losses on the line; and if it’s not designed correctly, it can be a costly, lengthy process, resulting in little to no success.

We’re here to help you remedy that problem.

Whether you need a simple, straight-forward tutorial or a complicated, multi-course eLearning curriculum … whether you know exactly what you need, or if you’re looking for help from concept to delivery – we’re here to help.

We design & develop eLearning courses, with ample experience in the technical, manufacturing, and academic fields. From product knowledge & sales skills, to software training & customer service, to installation, maintenance, operations, and troubleshooting – we’re here to help.


Some examples of previous instructional design & development include:

  • eLearning modules (needs analysis, instructional design, story-boarding, development, launch strategy, & post-publish maintenance)
  • Adaptive learning
  • Online testing
  • On-boarding & internal resources
  • Software simulations

We also offer Blended Learning Solutions, which incorporates both ILT & eLearning, as well as course materials, such as: manuals, worksheets/handouts, student exercises, testing, and more. Please visit our Training Development page to read more about these options.