Training Development

We take the time to really understand why you need training development, the knowledge & skills that need to be taught, and your end result goals. Then we build coursework that consolidates, standardizes, and presents your data into a cohesive, exceptional training program.

We can help:

  • Standardizing existing training programs
  • Create new training programs
  • Update & revamp current training courses & materials
  • Design & develop training materials – handouts, manuals, or knowledge checks


Here are just some of instructor-led training development & course materials we can develop.

Curriculum Design

  • Full service ILT courses – including PPTs, instructor notes, & quizzes
  • Course exercises & example presentations
  • Worksheets, handouts, & testing
  • Surveys to evaluate retention rates

Blended Learning Solutions

  • eLearning pre-requisites with ILT course design
  • ILT course design, with follow-up online training or testing
  • Pre- and post-training testing to assess learning
  • Inclusion of course materials such as handouts, manuals, testing, etc.

Technical Flyers & Micro-learning Engagements

  • Technical tip publications
  • Product specification & Learning worksheets
  • Pop-up quizzes to assess knowledge
  • Knowledge checks to assess employee’s abilities to find & understand the information